Justice Acts International

New Zealand

file00064248474Justice ACTs New Zealand is committed to combating human trafficking and modern day slavery in New Zealand. We are researching the nature and scope of human trafficking in New Zealand and offer educational seminars, workshops and presentations about modern-day slavery.

We’re a tight knit team of believers who are passionate about Justice, heartbroken for the captive, and sold out on the belief that God wants to end modern slavery in this generation.  We’re all volunteers. We’re missionaries, social workers, musicians, counselors, artists, media folk, etc.  We’re very international and growingly local.  Despite the darkness we deal with each day, we laugh a lot because we have faith in a good God.  But, we couldn’t impact a nation without our larger network of churches, YWAM, NGO’s, service providers, government leaders, prosecutors, advocates, community groups, trusted police contacts and other amazing individuals who we work hand in hand with.

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