Justice Acts International


The best way of combating human Trafficking is a country that is aware and equipped to fight it.

We heard the story of affiliated organization who were asked to speak to leading business men in Thailand about human Traffiking. After she went and spoke on the topic most of theses men were deaply touched by what they had heard and what is happening in their country. They got asked the speaker what they could do combat human trafficking but the speaker did not have an answer.

We want to provide the different spheares of society with trainings, support and inspiration to act. The way we are doing that is by creating and developing traininings for theses key players. We wish to serve countries by helping their fight against human trafficking and other injustices.

We see our values as releasing as much work as possible on the sources who are able to handle it the best. We don´t wont to raise awareness of a problem as deep and devasting as human Trafficking without.

We try to keep these trainings very basic so they are appliable in many different countries and trying to partner with local partners to make the more relevant and applicable to the national situation. “Traffick Proof” is a very basic prenetion tool that is basis of most the trainings we have. The Police and Councelors Training are quite specific for South Africa.