Justice Acts International

Our Values

file000704919536We see the causes of injustices are very broad and mean the failing of a community or society in some way. In order to be effective in restoring justice we therefore need to work with communities and all the spheres of society that are in play in each specific community. Therefore, we provide different tools specific for each sphere of society, that can help them to be an effective bringer of justice to the community.

What is justice?

In the years we have been working in this field, we meet very few people who do not believe in justice. Yet even with the apparent strong belief in justice that the world has, we still see many injustices around us. The meaning of the word justice therefore is very important. For Justice ACTs, justice means an order that is built upon the value of the individual. Based on the belief that every human has value, independent from their social standing, race, color or tribe, we believe that justice means to create an order that makes sure that people are not made invaluable.

We are based on the believe that the God of the Bible taught a whole nation in the Bible how to create a country that lives justice. We want to learn from these teaching and to use the values behind them to help communities and countries to increase justice in their own societies and those surrounding them.