Justice Acts International


In addition to our permanent teams, we have a few projects that have we worked on in the past and are still working on. These are issues that we stumbled over while traveling, that we heard about, or we were asked to help with. With all these projects we our goal was to be part of a solution.


In Nepal we met a young woman from Somalia, who paid a trafficker to bring her and her countrymen to Europe.  Instead of making it to their European destination, 78 people from Somalia were dropped in Nepal at the airport, where they were then seen by the government as illegal immigrants.



 In 2013, we spent 10 days in central Africa filming a documentary about coltan, a rare mineral, which is mined in the eastern part of Democratic Republic of Congo. It is used in our cell phones and other electrical appliances. The value of that mineral has a huge influence on the people living in the area.


In 2011 we spent a couple of weeks in Ukraine, researching and filming a documentary about children livng on the streets of Kiev, Ukraine. We spent a lot of time in orphanages talking and meeting the most at risk children. This trip had an interesting turn of things and encouraging result.



While we were in Ukraine, Laos and other places our team became more interested in people with disabilities. In Ukraine we visited a state institution, where some of these precious people were “held”.



In the last years, we became very interested in the situation of people with albinism in mostly east Africa. This growing interest was triggered by a case we worked on in 2010. We heard of Hope, a woman forced to flee from Congo to Rwanda because of her albinism. The congenital disorder gives the affected white skin. Their bones are used for witchcraft and are worth several thousands of dollars.