Justice Acts International

What we do

DSC_1486Based on our values, we are working with communities and the different spheres of society that are involved in them on how to increase justice. One of our main ways of doing that is caring for the least in the communities, while also teaching police forces, counselors, community leaders and churches how to serve and better help them. We find that often police forces, and other parts of the community have many misconceptions about women working in prostitution, for example. We create trainings and tools that can be used around the world to help meet that need.

Our main training, “Traffick Proof” is addressed to communities and individuals that are most in danger of being exploited. We have found that in most countries where we have worked, the people that -because of their vulnerability-need to know the most about human trafficking and other exploitative issues, often actually know the least. “Traffick Proof” is one tool we use in schools, community halls, and churches to change that, give individual the knowledge they need to keep themselves, their families, and communities safe from human trafficking or other exploitation.